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  • If you are charged with murder or some equally serious crime and your family cannot afford to hire a high quality lawyer for trial, consider hiring a high quality criminal defense lawyer through the preliminary hearing. Typically in a murder case, the preliminary hearing can be continued out several months, so that the defendant can process the usually massive amounts of police reports and ...
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  • Reducing the Degree of Murder

    || 31-May-2014

    This sounds like a bleak topic for anyone charged with murder, but it is important to recognize and deal with all options. In a murder defense case the prosecutor usually tries to prove the highest mental state. They typically want to show that the killing was in cold blood and was premeditated and deliberate. Classically, a premeditated and deliberated murder is a “first-degree” ...
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  • Handling a Murder Case "A Murder Lawyer's Perspective"

    || 1-Apr-2014

    When you are charged with murder in San Diego, you have been charged with one of the most severe crimes in the system. Not only are the punishments of the highest level but the resources used by both the police and the prosecutors are much greater than other types of crimes. Just how many resources are put into the government investigation and the prosecution depends upon how serious they consider ...
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