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  • A Judge With Balls!

    || 6-Oct-2015

    I suppose it is politically incorrect in this modern world to talk about a Judge with balls! But I don’t work for the government, a big company, or anybody else so I really don’t have to be as politically correct as the bureaucrats. When I say “balls,” I’m sure anybody that has lived knows I am talking about courage and not some piece of human anatomy. It is in this ...
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  • San Diego Police Couple Arrested on Drug Charges

    || 10-Jun-2014

    In the latest scandal to hit the San Diego Police Department just this yes, a veteran police couple have been arrested on various drug-related charges. The couple was married in 2013, both serving for the San Diego Police Department for numerous years. The wife, Jennifer Charpentier, has been with the department for 18 years, while her husband, Officer Bryce Charpentier, has been serving for 6 ...
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