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  • How to Fight DUI Charges in California

    || 16-Jun-2014

    The state of California takes a strict stance on driving while under the influence. Law enforcement makes it a priority to pull over drivers who are intoxicated or potentially under the influence of drugs. There are often frequent DUI checkpoints set up in both residential and commercial areas. Due to the tough laws surrounding this crime and the enhanced enforcement by police officers, many ...
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  • Jail and License Suspension with a 2nd DUI

    || 28-Feb-2014

    As DUI lawyers in San Diego we are often asked, "Will I go to jail with a second DUI?" And the other question is "How long will I not be able to drive?" These are good questions and when a person is facing a second DUI within the 10-year period there are greater consequences than with a first time DUI. Usually on a second DUI a person in San Diego County will not go to jail. ...
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