Blog Posts in 2015

  • War Injuries and the Law

    Posted By Bill Nimmo & Raymond Gomez, Attorneys at Law || 20-Nov-2015

    It is a cold fact that up to a third of the men and women in our nation’s prisons are veterans. It is also a cold fact that California leads the nation in recidivism, men and women caught up in the revolving door of incarceration. Our prisons have become little more that graduate programs in crime and this is unacceptable. However, with regard to combat veterans who are caught up in the ...
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  • Should You Take The Witness Stand?

    Posted By Bill Nimmo & Raymond Gomez, Attorneys at Law || 3-Nov-2015

    There is always a question in a criminal case of whether or not a criminal defendant should take the witness stand in their own defense. And it is a good question. Real criminal defense lawyers (those who actually have a talent for trying cases) are divided on the issue. Some trial lawyers steadfastly believe a defendant should not take the stand, while others firmly believe the defendant should ...
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  • Keys to Winning Criminal Trials

    Posted By Bill Nimmo & Raymond Gomez, Attorneys at Law || 22-Oct-2015

    Part of being an effective trial lawyer is the ability to cross examine witnesses. Usually there is at least one witness whom you need to effectively impeach and demonstrate that they are wrong. And usually there is at least one witness you need to show that they are just not credible or believable. Many times you won’t be able to find physical evidence or other circumstantial evidence that ...
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  • How Can You Afford a Lawyer in This Economy?

    Posted By Bill Nimmo & Raymond Gomez, Attorneys at Law || 20-Oct-2015

    These are the toughest economic times in this country in a long time. Now this may not be an interesting subject for you to read but you need to understand it because it affects you directly. Families are having a much harder time accessing enough money to hire good lawyers. You have probably seen in the news all the big companies who are going under because of the collapse of our economy. When ...
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  • Strategy for Preliminary Hearing in San Diego County Criminal Courts

    Posted By Bill Nimmo & Raymond Gomez, Attorneys at Law || 15-Oct-2015

    I am writing this article so you can understand the value of the preliminary hearing. The preliminary hearing is that hearing when witnesses are called to determine whether there is enough evidence to bind a case over for trial. It is also a major crossroads in the case because once it is over you are set for trial and you change the readiness department never to go back to the old department ...
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  • Police Officer Credibility: Pitchess and Related Motions

    Posted By Bill Nimmo & Raymond Gomez, Attorneys at Law || 12-Oct-2015

    Whether your attorney is trying to get the best “deal” or win your case at trial, casting doubt on the credibility of the cop(s) involved in the case can become important to your defense. Broadly, there are two ways to go about casting doubt on the cops’ credibility: First, you can directly assert that the cop(s) knowingly engaged in deceitful or wrongful behavior contributing to ...
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  • Bruising Can Tell a Story

    Posted By Bill Nimmo & Raymond Gomez, Attorneys at Law || 8-Oct-2015

    A lot of times when accusations are made that the defendant committed a violent act against another, the alleged victim claims that various bruises and other marks on the body were caused by the defendant. Usually they claim that these bruises are evidence of a beating or some criminal restraint of them so they couldn’t escape or get away from the defendant. You see these accusations a lot ...
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  • A Judge With Balls!

    Posted By Bill Nimmo & Raymond Gomez, Attorneys at Law || 6-Oct-2015

    I suppose it is politically incorrect in this modern world to talk about a Judge with balls! But I don’t work for the government, a big company, or anybody else so I really don’t have to be as politically correct as the bureaucrats. When I say “balls,” I’m sure anybody that has lived knows I am talking about courage and not some piece of human anatomy. It is in this ...
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  • Gun Enhancement Laws: Can They Be Stricken?

    Posted By Bill Nimmo & Raymond Gomez, Attorneys at Law || 4-Oct-2015

    This is an article on the everpopular topic of firearm enhancements in California. These laws provide very stiff penalties and in some cases, once placed in the case they cannot be stricken. 1) What subjects defendants to a gun enhancement? Use of a firearm during the commission of a crime makes a defendant mandatorily subject to a gun enhancement. In fact, just being a principal actor in the ...
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  • 10 Questions You Should Ask Your Lawyer

    Posted By Bill Nimmo & Raymond Gomez, Attorneys at Law || 24-Jun-2015

    These questions are designed to help you determine whether your lawyer is doing what they are supposed to be doing to gather information and prepare to advise you to plea or go to trial: If you are involved in a criminal case you should monitor your lawyer's progress. It is important to see not only if your lawyer is doing their job but also it is important for you to be involved in your case. ...
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  • Criminal Defense: The Game Has Changed "Big Time"

    Posted By Bill Nimmo & Raymond Gomez, Attorneys at Law || 23-Jun-2015

    When I first started practicing criminal defense back in the early 80’s the laws were tough but they left a lot of discretion and wiggle room to get a good result even if the prosecution was being especially hard on the case. As the years went on our population grew, the amount of people committing crimes grew, and legislatures everywhere enacted laws making penalties greater for criminal ...
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  • Riverside County can be a difficult place to be charged with a crime and get adequate justice. A recent article in the Los Angeles Daily Journal reported that a grand jury faulted the Riverside County District Attorney for causing major backlogs in the courts. We submit that these problems have caused a real problem with adequate justice for anyone charged with a crime. Riverside County causes ...
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  • Can Our Justice System Be Fixed?

    Posted By Bill Nimmo || 10-Jun-2015

    Having worked in the criminal court system in San Diego daily for the last 30 some years I have made some observations that I would like to share. As we watch this presidential election I can’t recall when there was more vocal dissatisfaction with the system as we see today. The economy is in shambles and this recovery is about as slow as a recovery gets. Yet when I am in the court system ...
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  • Why Many People in Jail Can't Afford a Lawyer

    Posted By Bill Nimmo || 2-Jun-2015

    If you are wondering why your family can’t afford a private lawyer, it has a lot to do with the state of our economy. Everybody is talking about it. It's on the TV every day and whenever an election is coming up both sides use it in an attempt to get themselves elected. The fact is that their economic problems have very little to do with who is president and a whole lot to do with what ...
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  • If you are charged with murder or some equally serious crime and your family cannot afford to hire a high quality lawyer for trial, consider hiring a high quality criminal defense lawyer through the preliminary hearing. Typically in a murder case, the preliminary hearing can be continued out several months, so that the defendant can process the usually massive amounts of police reports and ...
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