Blog Posts in May, 2014

  • Reducing the Degree of Murder

    || 31-May-2014

    This sounds like a bleak topic for anyone charged with murder, but it is important to recognize and deal with all options. In a murder defense case the prosecutor usually tries to prove the highest mental state. They typically want to show that the killing was in cold blood and was premeditated and deliberate. Classically, a premeditated and deliberated murder is a “first-degree” ...
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  • Police Investigate Armed Robbery in San Diego

    || 25-May-2014

    Around 8:00 p.m. on May 24 th, a man armed with a knife walked into a cellphone store in the San Diego area. The robbery proceeded to rob a Go Wireless store employee, demanding cash on the spot. He then fled with a phone with an estimated value of $600. The store is located on University Avenue, near Richmond Street. The armed robber was described as a black man close to his 30's or 40's ...
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