San Diego Police Couple Arrested on Drug Charges

Posted By Bill Nimmo & Raymond Gomez, Attorneys at Law || 10-Jun-2014

In the latest scandal to hit the San Diego Police Department just this yes, a veteran police couple have been arrested on various drug-related charges. The couple was married in 2013, both serving for the San Diego Police Department for numerous years. The wife, Jennifer Charpentier, has been with the department for 18 years, while her husband, Officer Bryce Charpentier, has been serving for 6 years.

Bryce Charpentier is facing charges for sales of a controlled substance and being under the influence while in possession of a loaded firearm. He will also face charges for conspiracy. Jennifer Charpentier faces similar charges, including possession of a controlled substance and sales. The latest information on the case indicates that the drugs involved were mainly prescription drugs. The ex-wife of Bryce and the ex-husband of Jennifer reportedly leaked the information about their past drug abuse habits.

Court Dates To Be Set

The arrests occurred while the San Diego County Sheriff's Department was performing a narcotics investigation in East County and 4S Ranch. According to jail record, Officer Bryce was booked in the downtown jail and later posted a $50,000 bond. In the same fashion, Officer Jennifer was held in the Las Colinas facility and posted a $50,000 bond as well.

Both husband and wife will have their days in court, with Bryce Charpentier being tentatively scheduled for Thursday and his wife having a court appearance scheduled for June 16 th. They have also been placed on leave and revoked of their police powers. A recent interview with Jennifer Charpentier shows her resolve to disprove the charges and reveal that they were completely false. Investigators are still looking into both cases.

No matter who you are, drug charges can have a serious effect on your reputation, your future and your freedom. If you are facing similar types of charges, contact our law firm to schedule a free consultation with a Vista criminal defense attorney.