Attorney Bill Nimmo Featured As a Legal Analyst on the Daily Ledger, Discusses the Michael Brown Violence in Missouri

Posted By Bill Nimmo & Raymond Gomez, Attorneys at Law || 26-Aug-2014

The Daily Ledger, a part of One America News Network (OAN), recently interviewed Attorney Bill Nimmo regarding the violence in Missouri after the Michael Brown shooting.

Newsman Graham Ledger asked several excellent questions, including the following:

  • "The fact that the victim, Mr. Brown, was shot multiple times by the police officer shouldn't be surprising because police officers are taught not to empty their firearm, but to stop the threat. Correct?"
  • "… they say he [Mr. Brown] was hit six times, and two of them appear to have entered the skull from the front and ALL of the shots were from the front. What does that tell you?"
  • "If there were wounds to the back, it might show that he was leaving; trying to get away. Correct?"
  • "What, in your opinion – just generally speaking – is the difference between a private autopsy that's done, in this case, on behalf of the family, and an autopsy done by a medical examiner?"
  • "Toxicology showed marijuana in the system. What does that tell you, if anything?"
  • "We have that surveillance video… Mr. Brown inside the convenience store, possibly stealing some cigars and getting physical with the manager or store owner. Again, is that damning evidence, if that is indeed Mr. Brown, or is it completely a sole and separate incident?"
  • "The attorney for Michael Brown's family is out there talking to the public daily, holding a news conference and using, in some cases, inflammatory rhetoric. Do you think this is a good idea? Would you be doing that right now for your clients?"

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