Business Fraud Attorney in San Diego County

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Bill Nimmo, Attorney at Law is well established as leading business and securities fraud defense lawyers in San Diego. Attorney with significant experience handling a variety of cases, Bill can fight for your right to a fair trial.

Example of a Business Fraud Case We Defended

In San Diego, a trucking company owner was charged with fraud and theft from his business partner in the establishment of new trucking venture and the purchase of several semi trucks. The prosecution alleged a number of fraudulent acts, including manipulating paperwork so the defendant could obtain several trucks free for his own separate trucking business. Convinced our client was guilty, the prosecutor ignored our pleas to meet and look at the vast amounts of evidence we had accumulated.

One key piece of evidence that the defense uncovered was that the partner accusing the defendant had a severe alcohol problem. The defense strongly suggested that, because of this dysfunction, the complaining partner absented himself from the business and only complained when he lost his assets due to business misfortunes.

Finally, after the preliminary hearing, and because of points made in the cross examination of the alleged victim, the prosecutor began to view the evidence more openly. Ultimately, by providing the prosecution with certain key pieces to the puzzle, Bill Nimmo convinced them to dismiss the case. This is only one example of how we have successfully defended our clients in business fraud cases. To learn more about how we can help you, contact our office now.