Prostitution and Solicitation in California

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If you have been accused of prostitution or the solicitation of prostitution in California, you could be facing time in prison, substantial fines, and a lasting mark on your criminal record. These crimes can require special legal attention as physical sexual contact does not necessarily need to occur in order for a defendant to be convicted. Protecting your future from the potential repercussions of prostitution or solicitation begins with a call to Bill Nimmo, Attorney at Law. Our San Diego prostitution attorney can work relentlessly to uphold your reputation and greatly increase the chances of a successful outcome in your case.

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Charges and Sentences for Prostitution

In California, individuals may be facing charges if they solicit, take part in, or agree to engage in prostitution. However, intent alone may not provide the legal foundation for a prostitution charge, other elements must be present as well. To prosecute a defendant for agreeing to engage in prostitution, an act demonstrating intent must be shown to have occurred. For example, simply requesting a sexual act may not be enough to justify an arrest. If the exchange of money occurs after a request has been made, a person may be facing charges for prostitution.

In California, prostitution is generally charged as a misdemeanor, punishable by up to six months in prison and fines of no more than $1,000. Punishments can greatly increase depending on factors such as the age of the involved parties, if violence occurred, and related past offenses. A conviction for prostitution may also disqualify individuals from working in certain jobs and complicate the obtainment of many professional licenses.

Defenses to Prostitution: Entrapment

Just as there are laws which govern civilian conduct, the police too must follow specific protocols when making an arrest or conducting an investigation. If law enforcement does not meet the legal requirements for an arrest, the resulting charges may not hold up in court. Entrapment occurs when law enforcement persuades or pressures an otherwise law-abiding citizen to commit a crime. A common tactic by law enforcement is to set up “sting” operations to catch potential crimes in the act. However, police are only legally able to provide a person the opportunity to break the law. If an officer persuades you to do something that you would not otherwise do, entrapment may have occurred. We can review every aspect of your case to determine your legal defenses.

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Law enforcement and prosecutors are notoriously strict when charging sex crimes and without experienced legal representation, you could be facing the full extent of punishments. The actions you take after an arrest can greatly impact the outcome of your case and the sooner you contact Bill Nimmo, Attorney at Law, the sooner we can help. Our San Diego solicitation attorney can draw from his experience as former prosecutors to structure your case and defend against the charges you face.

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