Arrested for Road Rage in San Diego?

Get an Award-Winning Criminal Defense Lawyer on Your Side

If you are charged with a road rage case chances are the case is charged as an assault with a deadly weapon, an assault with the intent to commit great bodily injury, and even possibly attempted murder. If the victim died you can expect either a gross vehicular manslaughter charge or a second degree murder charge.

Road rage is prosecuted aggressively in San Diego County and you must have an experienced criminal defense attorney representing your rights if you want to protect your freedom. Road rage is a serious crime these days because it is so prevalent and the consequences are so great for injury or death. Our attorney is one of the most experienced criminal lawyers in San Diego County, and they have repeatedly won cases for clients in situations similar to yours. Contact us now to discuss the case, tell us your side of the story, and get started on a strategy for defending your freedom!