Arrested in Vista?

If you are arrested in Vista, chances are it will be by the Vista Sheriff's Department. While they call themselves the Vista Sheriff's they are actually the San Diego Sheriff's Department and they contract their services out to the City of Vista to provide police protection and services. But it is actually the San Diego Sheriff's and if your case is large enough or particularized enough it will be handled by detectives out of the Ridgehaven Court office of the San Diego Sheriff.

Since the freeway, Highway 78, runs through Vista, you may get arrested by the California Highway Patrol who has jurisdiction for those major highways. When you see a Vista Sheriff's vehicle on the freeway it is most likely not on patrol but is using the freeway for transporting prisoners or moving rapidly to another surface street location.

Where is the jail in Vista, CA?

If you are arrested you will be booked and detained at the Vista Detention Center off of Melrose Drive. This is one of the major booking locations for the North County and it is the second largest jail in San Diego County. If you are male and your case is in Vista you have a good chance of remaining there during the pendency of your case. To find directions to the Vista Detention Center, use the map below:

The Sheriff's department is a full service law enforcement agency and has no need to call in outside services to investigate your case. The detectives on your case may be assigned directly to Vista or may come from the central sheriff's office on Ridgehaven Court in the Kearney Mesa area of San Diego near the I15 and Ruffin Road.

Drug Crime Arrests in Vista

The Vista Sheriff's are constantly monitoring criminal activity in Vista and if you happen to be involved in a gang or in drug trafficking, chances are they know you by name and have a record of your previous behavior or affiliations. I have found that the Vista Detectives are very sharp in their knowledge of who is involved in what type of criminal activities if there are ongoing on a regular basis.

If you are arrested for domestic violence the Vista Sheriff has immediate access to whether or not law enforcement has been called out involving you or your alleged victim on a prior occasion. You can always assume they know more than they are telling you that they know.

As always, if you do get detained and potentially arrested, you should be polite to the officers and don't interfere with their duties or you will be looked at unfavorably and may get charged with resisting arrest. It is your choice to talk to them or not, but you can count on whatever you say "will" be used against you. Contact us now for a free, confidential case evaluation so that you can tell us your side of the story and get us on your side in dealing with the investigation.