Arrested in Escondido?

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Arrests in Escondido are carried out by the Escondido Police Department, the San Diego County Sheriff's Department, or the California Highway Patrol. Escondido Police will handle the matter if the incident or the arrest happens in the city limits of Escondido. If the incident happens in the unincorporated areas of the county in or around Escondido, the Sheriffs will handle the call. If you are one of the Freeways in or around Escondido you may be arrested by the California Highway Patrol who patrols and has primary jurisdiction for those roadways for enforcement of traffic violations, DUI, drug crimes and more.

Where are the jail and courthouse for Escondido?

Ultimately you will be booked in the county jail in Vista. If your loved one was arrested in Escondido, this is most likely where he or she has been taken. Your case, whether a felony or a misdemeanor, will be analyzed and prosecuted by the San Diego County District Attorney's Office based out of the 5 th floor of the "new" courthouse at 325 S. Melrose Drive, Suite 5000 in Vista:

The Vista Detention facility is also located at this address, and you can verify the location of a friend or family member in custody using the San Diego Sheriff's Who's in Jail tool.

When someone is arrested for a felony usually the patrol officers handle the call and the arrest and then a detective gets assigned to follow up and conduct any interviews or further investigation that needs to be done. The Escondido Police Department has a full staff of detectives covering almost any type of crime that may happen in the city. Those detectives are based in Escondido. The San Diego Sheriff also has a full staff of detectives that will be assigned to a case in the unincorporated areas. How extensive and how thorough the investigation will be depends upon the type of case or possibly the nature of the history of the defendant. In a murder case you can bet that the crime scene will be fully documented and that specialist homicide detectives will talk to every possible witness and follow all leads.

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