Chula Vista Criminal Defense Attorney

Known as the second-largest city in the San Diego metropolitan area, Chula Vista is an ideal coastal city for many individuals, families, and entrepreneurs. Home to many colleges and universities including United States University and Southwestern College Chula Vista is also where many young college students reside. Most of these students are living on their own away from home for the first time.

Unfortunately, living life on one's own comes with risks. If you act in a way that may put other individuals in danger, you may suddenly be facing serious, life-changing penalties. If you have been arrested in the city of Chula Vista, California, you will need a skilled criminal defense lawyer who is qualified to defend your rights and represent you effectively in court.

Arrested for a crime in Chula Vista?

We know that few things are more frightening than getting arrested. Many individuals come to us after being arrested for a first-time offense and are scared of the consequences of a conviction. With the right representation on your side, however, a criminal arrest can become a mere mistake of the past and stay that way.

If you have been arrested for a drug crime , sex crime , violent crime , or economic crime , the penalties can include:

  • Permanent criminal record, resulting in difficulty applying for career positions, denial of student loans or scholarships, or difficulty retaining current employment
  • Mandatory public sex offender registration
  • Jail or state prison
  • Excessive fines or payment of restitution
  • Attendance of rehabilitation treatment for drugs or alcohol

Attorney Bill Nimmo has been named among San Diego Magazine's "Best Lawyers."Our accolades, combined with our proven track record of successful trial representation, are a testament to our ability to provide effective defense of your rights after any type of criminal arrest in Chula Vista.

Chula Vista's Preeminent Lawyers

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